This single feature could make iOS 18 the most impressive iPhone update in recent memory.

By | April 19, 2024

Apple’s upcoming WWDC 2024 is just around the corner, where we’ll get a glimpse of iOS 18 and its potential to be one of the most significant updates yet. Speculation about iOS 18 is rife, with rumors suggesting features like RCS support in Messages and significant home screen customization.

The original iPhone, unveiled in 2007, featured a skeuomorphic interface that mimicked real-life objects, like the textured notepad paper for Notes and the camera lens for the Camera app. However, iOS 7 introduced a flat design, replacing detailed and lifelike icons with plain, gradient-filled squares. This flat design has been the standard for the past decade.

A recent report hinted that iOS 18 might draw inspiration from visionOS design elements, with a leaked image of the iOS 18 Camera app featuring transparent, glass-like gray bars instead of the usual black ones. Although the authenticity of this leak is questionable, a visionOS-inspired design could breathe new life into iOS.

visionOS, as experienced on the Apple Vision Pro, offers a visually appealing interface with depth and transparency. The rounded corners and slight depth of visionOS elements make it more visually interesting than the current iOS design. While there may be some accessibility concerns with a transparent design, if executed well, it could be a significant advancement for iOS.

Apple has already made design tweaks in tvOS 17.2, incorporating a transparent navigation bar similar to visionOS. It wouldn’t be surprising to see similar visual tweaks or even a complete overhaul in iOS 18, launching alongside the iPhone 16 this fall.

iOS 18 holds promise with the possibility of customizable home screens, long-awaited RCS support, and rumored AI features. However, the most exciting prospect is the potential visual overhaul. With Apple’s track record of innovation, iOS 18 could finally give iOS the facelift it needs.

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