Rory McIlroy forcefully defends ‘unfair’ U.S. Open caddie criticism

By | July 10, 2024

Rory Macirula forcibly defends the “unfair” criticism of the Open United States.


Some golf players prefer to double their minds in many golf, while others continue to be painful in a cold reality, but Masilly in the last lower stage of the main championship. The approach was not the answer. The field was silent. Since his spectacular collapse on the final three holes of the U.S. Open at Pinehurst last month, McIlroy has not spoken to the media, spent most of his time on social media and hasn’t played a hole of competitive golf.

It wasn’t until Wednesday morning in Scotland that McIlroy, the defending champion this week, resurfaced after a morning workout at the Renaissance Club to face the music. This week, Genesis Scottish Open was a place to return to the golf course after panicking in Pain even, and was the first media duty of flight on Wednesday morning and Sunday evening.
The Macillley press conference held at 10:45 am in local time (even the first area in the United States) was a large and introspective lolie with disasters in the United States. 。 And as a result in Frank, it opened. Optimistic terms shown. But that tone changed when a reporter asked about the man who most shared McIlroy’s loss, his caddy (and longtime best friend) Harry Diamond.
McIlroy was visibly annoyed when he responded to the criticism Diamond faced after the US Open by openly calling out two critics of the caddies after the national championship – former/current professional broadcaster Smiley Kaufman and teacher/media personality Hank Haney – by name. . “You know, it’s definitely unfair,” McIlroy said. “Hank Haney has never been in this position. Mr. Smiley has held this position before, and I love Smiley and he came with us on the 18th, but just because Harry isn’t as vocal or loud as the other cadets doesn’t mean he doesn’t say or do anything. Nothing. I just want, you know, these guys who criticize when things are put in place, they never say anything good when things go on my way.

“So where were they when I won Dubai at the start of the year, or a quail, or two Fedexcups, which I won with Harry, or two Ryder Cups … or something like that?” Rory said his eyes were rolling. “They never say that Harry did an excellent job when I won, but they are still there to criticize when we don’t win.”

Makelra and Diamond were a solid team because at the end of 2017, they joined their efforts, offering 12 victories, not to mention two victories in the house. The partnership, however, also had its downsides.
Diamond was his caddie for 10 years before McIlroy failed to win a major championship, and he witnessed McIlroy’s most heartbreaking failures at majors such as Pinehurst in June and at St. Andrews in 2022. During Rory McIlroy’s struggles, some have suggested a connection with caddie Harry Diamond. Perhaps Diamond’s calm personality belies McIlroy’s tense moments, or maybe his attitude is actually the cause of those moments. Being a cadet requires both aggressiveness and sensitivity, which is why some critics believe Diamond lacks the necessary tenacity.
Perhaps, but as McIlroy’s mischievous behavior on Wednesday showed, only two people know the real answer to that question. “At the end of the day, McIlroy mentioned that these individuals are not present in the arena and they are not the ones shooting or making the decisions.
He remembers someone telling him that if he didn’t ask them for advice, he shouldn’t pay attention to their criticism. Despite the gratitude of the hair -shaped style, Macilla said he would not go to Hank Hini for advice. He believes he knows what he is doing like Harry.

Ultimately, the discussion of diamond accounting returns to another question that cannot be answered. McIlroy weighed in on the matter during his return to the court at the Genesis Scottish Open on Wednesday, saying he has decided to hire the same caddie and they will continue to travel together. He certainly had a lot of time, even if nothing else.

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