Wolff explains why he told Russell to ‘focus’ in Montreal

By | June 17, 2024

Wolff explains why he told Russell to ‘focus’ in Montreal

Toto Wolff, depending on the race, is a voice present in his drivers’ team radios, similarly to how he told George Russell “focus George, focus” at the Canadian Grand Prix. The Austrian CEO and team principal explained why he takes over on the radio from the engineers in different moments.

Wolff previously went viral for other clips over the radio in Formula One. Of course, Formula One decided to broadcast the team principals talking to the FIA in Abu Dhabi in 2021, where the Austrian had a clear interest. Since then, until his transfer to Ferrari was announced, Wolff has told Lewis Hamilton how sorry he is that the Mercedes car is not up to the standards.

“There are some times I talk to them. I call them once in a while. Sometimes I talk to them. You have to say calm down if the race isn’t going well,” Wolff told GPblog among others about suddenly appearing in Russell’s ears in Montreal.

“Giving a little advice maybe that can be helpful. Hopefully helpful. I think he [Russell] is good. I know him so well. And I know, I think I know what goes through his mind,” the Austrian further explained.

Hamilton left Wolff in silence

On the other hand, one message by Wolff did not find the right audience. Once the chequered flag was waves, the team principal told Lewis Hamilton: “Lewis, the posititive is the car is back in performance and we get on from here.” However, the seven-time world champion did not answer.


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