Why is the day of the day of the Tiger Red Tiger’s day an epic failure? The observation of son Charlie Masters hides a sad story

By | July 9, 2024

Why Tiger Day Red Tiger Day was a huge flop? Charlie Masters’ son’s watch hides a sad story

Charlie Woods seems to prefer the brand Nike to the album he released two months ago. The 15-year-old was spotted hanging out with Tiger Woods before the final round, where they had a heated argument about his decision. However, it was Charlie Woods’ outfit that caught everyone’s attention. Previously, during the PNC Championship, the teenager wore Grayson, but at Augusta, Woods Jr. wore Nikes rather than the white and red sneakers his father showed off on Thursday. Tiger Woods ended his 27-year partnership with Nike in January.
Ahead of the Genesis Invitational, the veteran golfer announced a new sponsorship called Sunday Red, a collaboration between Woods and equipment sponsor TaylorMade Golf. The clothing line was previously closed, but the white sneakers were only seen at Augusta, where the 15-time major champion has historically favored FootJoy kicks. Limited mobility was the reason Nike was dropped in favor of Footjoy.
According to him, after the 2021 car accident, the blow was very suitable for his needs. Even Charlie Woods was spotted a few times back, but now that Tiger Woods has chosen Sunday Red, it looks like Charlie has returned to Nike rather than following in his father’s footsteps. But yesterday, Woods struggled to maintain a consistent pace in his new Sunday Red shoes, and less than 24 hours after making history by winning 24 straight Masters tournaments, Woods had his worst round of a major. The veteran golfer had seven bogeys and two double bogeys before collapsing at 10-over 82. In the fourth round, the 48-year-old golfer also closed out the front nine with a score of 40. It is important to note that Tiger Woods also played 23 holes in a marathon at 10 am on Friday. It made his body because his feet seemed to remain on Saturday. Additionally, the campaign on the slopes of Augusta National has only gotten worse. Things aren’t getting any easier for the Sunday Red Kicks and even now, two months after their long-awaited reformation, fans still haven’t embraced the Sunday Reds wholeheartedly. When Woods first appeared in his new outfit, a salmon-colored T-shirt, he immediately became a thorn in golf fans’ side. Of course, it was still a shock to see the 48-year-old in anything other than his familiar Swoosh. But on Thursday, a fan ripped the veteran golfer’s clothing. Some were quick to point out Tiger Woods’ lack of appeal, while others said it was a “terrible” choice for Mr T. But this wasn’t the first time. Since the launch of the Woods brand, fans have had a problem with the logo.
As many groups pointed out, the 15 major symbolic victory explained Tiger’s jump, which was bad. In some cases, some people consider “sun” and “day” to be two different words. Charlie Woods’ choice seems quite different from his father’s.

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