Which Legend Inspired Tiger Woods to Name His Son After Him? Deciphering the Story Behind Charlie’s Name

By | June 17, 2024

What legend inspired Tiger Woods to name his son after himself? Deciphering the history of the name Charlie

Without Dr. Charles “Charlie” Sifford, Tiger Woods would never have become the legendary golfer that he is. But who was Dr. Sifford? The North Carolina native was the first African-American to violate the PGA of America’s “whites only” policy and, in 1961, became the first black golfer to play in a PGA-sanctioned tournament. As the first African-American golfer, Woods had a special connection to Dr. Sifford.
In an interview with The Associated Press, the 82-time winner recalled how his father, Earl Woods, and Sifford became close friends. Through their friendship, Earl Woods began playing golf and taught his son the game as well. Woods, paying tribute to Sifford’s legacy, said: “It’s no exaggeration to say that without Charlie… I probably wouldn’t play golf. My dad probably wasn’t interested in the sport, and neither was I.”

Golf’s Jackie Robinson was not only an inspiration to Woods, but also the grandfather the 48-year-old Woods never had. Because of their close relationship and Sifford’s contributions to golf, Woods named his son Charlie Woods after Dr. Sifford without telling his family. Sifford’s son, Charles Sifford Jr., told Queen City News he was “very honored” that Woods named his child after his father. Woods continues to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Sifford, who entered the PGA of America and opened the doors to people of all nationalities, and continues to contribute to golf for people of all nationalities. What kind of relationship did the 48-year-old have with Dr. Sifford before his death in 2015?

As mentioned above, Tiger Woods’ father and Dr. Sifford were good friends. So during his formative years, the young Woods drew inspiration from Dr. Sifford, who began his career as a caddie, and while Woods was not initially a friend of Sifford’s, he gradually became one. Even after Earl Woods died in 2006, they stayed close.

Chifford’s son, Chifford Jr., remembered the relationship between Dr. Chifford and Woods. He stated, “They would call each other and talk, and (Tiger) would send emails and text messages, have him in his locker. You know, when he was leading the tournament (my dad) would say go out there and get that trophy and get that cash.” Woods and Sifford’s passion for golf kept them closely connected throughout the years. One is paving the way for more inclusive golf courses in America, the other continues to grow the game and help young people succeed in golf through the TGR Foundation. Maybe in a few years, someone will name their child after Tiger Woods in recognition of his great golfing achievements.

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