Video of Scottie Scheffler’s Arrest at 2024 PGA Championship Released by Police

By | June 19, 2024

Police release video of Scottie Scheffler’s arrest during the 2024 PGA Championship

The Louisville Police Department held a press conference on Thursday to further discuss the arrest of golfer Scottie Scheffler during the 2024 PGA Championship near Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.
Police said no charges have been dropped at this time. Despite the fact that there is no video recording for the first exchange between the police and the cheffler, the police station at Louisvir Metro station has released a video of the arrest of Dashcom.

According to a police report, he tried to avoid exercise, which was caused by a fatal accident outside of the course, ignoring Brian Greek’s instructions and accelerating the grease detective. He said that he would be injured.

Nevertheless, Romins has announced a declaration indicating that many witnesses have confirmed that he has not done anything wrong, but has begun.
“He stopped immediately after being sent and did not attack police in his car. If necessary, sue this lawsuit and be completely exempted. »» »

On Wednesday, Gabe Cohen de CNN reported that “luxury police in Louisville, Kentucky have expressed their personal concerns that criminal accusations are excessive.”

The chephler was accused of a second criminal attack on a police officer, accused of the third criminal misunderstanding, a light EMPT for a reckless signal and traffic in driving.
Koen also focused on Gils’s body camera that was not activated during the incident, and Louisville’s chief, Jaclin Gwin Vilaroel, spoke on Thursday.

Louisville police chief Jaclin Gwin Vilaroel, “Detective Greeks did not have a ready body wear. Our agent received corrective action for violating the rules. We respect the legal process and allow the courts to act.

Despite the arrest and charges, Scheffler was released from jail Friday morning and still had an impressive second round of the PGA Championship with five players under 66. Scheffler finished tied for eighth at 13 under par. The tournament was won by Xander Schauffele at 21 under par. Scheffler had been in contention for the win over the weekend but struggled in the third round, finishing with a 1-over 73. This week, he participated in the Charleschwab Challenge in Fortoulte, Texas and was appointed tea in the first round of Thursday.

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