TIGER WOODS’ THREAT FORCES CEO OUT AT PGA: In a shocking development that has rocked the golfing community, Seth Waugh, CEO of the PGA of America, has been forced to step down from his role after receiving a threatening message from golf legend Tiger Woods, demanding…FULL STORY BELOW 👇 ⬇️ 😭

By | June 28, 2024

TIGER WOODS THREAT LEAVES PGA CEO: In a shocking development that has shaken the golf community, Seth Waugh, CEO of the PGA of America, has been forced to resign from his position after receiving a threatening message from the golf legend Tiger. Woods is demanding… FULL STORY BELOW 👇 ⬇️ 😭

embarrassment on the Pinehurst No. 2 green Sunday evening.
“You know, I’m a big fan of [sports psychologist] Bob Rotella… but I’m not a big fan of routine. I don’t understand it, I don’t understand, “said the evening room. “I think Lolly has fallen in love on a daily basis for the past 10 years. It’s like he’s saying that your putting stroke routine is more important than your stroke, and that it’s more important that you feel comfortable.”

He countered McIlroy’s philosophy on his putting routine, using 18-time major winner Jack Nicklaus as an example.

“Jack Nicklaus didn’t have a routine… Jack always said, ‘I’m going to wait until I get the right picture in my head,'” Chamblee continued. “That’s my problem with routine. It’s not routine. The putt he made on the 18th was no ordinary putt. This is under the slope and broke to the right. You are waiting for you to take the right photo. ”

Later, Chamber’s went to another golf player in the discussion of the best Tiger Woods in order to further prove his perspective. Rory McIlroy suffered a heartbreaking defeat at the US Open on Sunday. Rory McIlroy just lost the US Open in heartbreaking and agonizing fashion
“Go back and watch Tiger Woods putt better than most. Watch him chase a putt for two minutes, watch him go through it and not go through his usual routine. He stroked it with one hand, trying to feel it. I’d never seen him do that before. Where did this come from? He did it.

The Sunday Macilllille process, which is how to see this, is clearly in contrast to the example of the Niraus and Woods. “I have a problem with routine, but for me it’s like thinking about routine, it’s much more about taking photos and finding the right image. I think that’s part of the problem with Rory at 16 and 18. »

Aside from a couple of long putts that Rory ran out on Sunday, it has to be said that McIlroy’s program really put him up to the challenge.

But McIlroy hasn’t met with the media since the U.S. Open, so we’ll have to wait to hear his side of the story. But we may not have to wait long: McIlroy is scheduled to play in the Travelers Championship this week, with a press conference tentatively scheduled for Wednesday.

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