Scottie Scheffler refuses to Sign Celtics’ Hat Before Travelers Championship; Reveals Hilarious Reason

By | June 24, 2024

Scottie Scheffler refuses to Sign Celtics’ Hat Before Travelers Championship; Reveals Hilarious Reason

Scottie Scheffler, an ardent Mavericks fan and Dallas native, reached his limit at the Travelers Championship. He refused to sign a fan’s Celtics hat for THIS reason. Read on to find out.

Scottie Scheffler refused a fan’s request to sign a Boston Celtics hat. Is that shocking? Not really. Being from Dallas and a Mavericks fan, Scheffler witnessed the Mavericks lose to Boston in this year’s NBA finals. It’s also awkward timing for the PGA Tour to have the Travelers Championship in New England.


“I did get one fan today who asked me to sign a Celtics hat and I told him no, but other than that, not much interaction,” Scheffler said with a laugh when asked if he’d faced much trash talk since arriving in New England just days after the Celtics secured their 18th NBA title by beating the Mavericks.

Scheffler was in good spirits about the situation. He doesn’t think Vermont native and Celtics fan Keegan Bradley would have any trash talk ready, but he knows some fans in the gallery will likely make comments all week.

Scheffler groaned before the question about his untimely arrival in Celtics territory was even finished. “Do I have to answer this question?” he asked.

He didn’t expect to get too much grief over the Celtics’ dominant 4-1 victory. “Probably not from other golfers — maybe Keegan [Bradley], but probably not, I wouldn’t really expect it out of him.”


Bradley, who is from Vermont and lives near Boston, understood why Scheffler wanted to avoid the question. “I don’t blame him,” said Bradley, the defending champion at Travelers. “I wouldn’t want to either if I was a Dallas fan.”

“It’s so fun for me to watch Boston sports, but then to watch it with my family and my kids — now my oldest son, Logan, was into it — and it was really fun to watch him watch the Celtics win,” said Bradley, noting he was impressed by the wisdom shared by Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum afterwards.

Scheffler’s comments came a day after commissioner Jay Monahan provided an update on the negotiations following a meeting with the Saudi counterparts in New York this month.


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