SAD NEWS😭💔: Shawn Kemp brings evidences that lead to Larry Bird death….

By | June 23, 2024

SAD NEWS😭💔: Shawn Kemp brings evidences that lead to Larry Bird death

Shawn Kemp recently shared a memorable story on the ‘All The Smoke’ podcast about his first encounter with Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics. Kemp, a rookie at the time, was eager to prove himself against the NBA legend.

“So before the game, I was over there rubbing my hands, looking at him, like, I’m about to get your a**, man. This was my first year.”

“And that day, they came out with a, that morning they came out with a USA Today article and they said that Larry didn’t have it no more. So he came out that night to make a statement and I was just the prime candidate.”

“Before the game he told me, he was like, he just shook his head at me, he said, man, it’s gonna be a f***ed up night for you. he was actually calling out bank shots. He would say, next time, bank shot left side. I’m gonna pump fake you.”

“You dumba**, you don’t go for it. I said first of all ‘I will be so close to if you shoot the ball next, I will try to rip your f***ing arm off’. What you think he did man? Quick pump fake dog. You go for that s**t.”

“I guarded his a** so tough. Then after the game, he came, he sent a little letter over there to me. He was like, ‘I’ve had nobody play defense that hard on me. I appreciate you playing. He was like, I got a little All-Star game. Why don’t you come work out with me? Come to the All-Star game, man'”.

“That’s something I was like, s**t, that meant everything to me. So it went from him whooping my a** to him teaching me a few things.” (0:33)

Before the game, Kemp was full of confidence, mentally preparing himself to take on Bird. He recalled how, that morning, an article in USA Today questioned Bird’s abilities, suggesting that he no longer had his old form. This criticism motivated Bird to make a statement that night, and Kemp found himself as the unfortunate target.

As the game began, Bird approached Kemp and ominously predicted, “It’s gonna be a f***ed up night for you.” True to his word, Bird put on a clinic. He not only played exceptionally well but also added a psychological edge to his game.

Bird would call out his shots, predicting bank shots and pump fakes, and then executing them flawlessly. Kemp, despite his best efforts to guard Bird intensely, found himself falling for these tricks repeatedly.

Kemp’s defense was tenacious, and he did everything in his power to stop Bird, even threatening to rip Bird’s arm off if he took another shot. Bird, unfazed, executed a quick pump fake, leaving Kemp off-balance. Despite Kemp’s tough defense, Bird dominated the game, showcasing his legendary skills and basketball IQ.

The Celtics emerged victorious, winning 109-97, with Bird delivering an incredible performance. He finished the game with 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists, shooting 17-27 from the field and 2-5 from beyond the arc.

After the game, Bird showed his respect for Kemp’s effort. He sent a letter to Kemp, acknowledging the tough defense and expressing his appreciation. Bird even invited Kemp to join him for a workout at his own All-Star game, an invitation that Kemp found immensely gratifying.

This experience was a significant learning moment for Kemp. Despite being outplayed, the respect and guidance he received from Bird were invaluable. Bird’s mentorship and the humbling experience of that first matchup helped shape Kemp’s future in the NBA, emphasizing the importance of skill, strategy, and respect in the game of basketball.


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