Rory Mcllroy’s staggering net worth as friends share telling theory on divorce U-turn

By | June 13, 2024

Rory Mcllroy’s staggering net worth as friends share telling theory oτn divorce U-turn

As Rory McIlroy and wife Erica Stoll announce their sharp divorce U-turn, friends of the couple have reportedly weighed in with a theory as to why the couple are now choosing to give things another go

Just last month, Rory McIlroy and wife Erica Stoll announced they were getting a divorce after seven years of marriage – but a lot has changed in the weeks since.

The golfing pro submitted legal documents in Palm Beach County State Court in Florida while claiming their marriage was ‘Irretrievably broken’. Meanwhile, Erica, 36, was then afforded the state’s customary 20-day period to provide a response – a deadline which came and went.

After widespread speculation, it was revealed the couple, who share three-year-old daughter Poppy, would be giving things another go, as the golfing star confirmed this week their marriage is back on.

Important conversations must have been had behind the doors of their luxury £8 million Florida mansion to spark such a dramatic shift. And pals believe this could be a matter of purse strings, not heartstrings.

The Daily Mail claims to have received intel from friends close to Rory, 35, who believe the divorce was called off due to extortionate lawyer fees that could well have depleted his vast fortune. As one of the wealthiest golfers in the world, Northern Irish player Rory’s net worth exceeds £200 million.

He was last year named the richest sportsperson in the UK under 35, according to Sunday Times Rich List, with lucrative sponsorship deals with brands such as Nike boosting his earnings substantially. Rory has also branched out into the world of business, founding tech-focused TMRW Sports alongside fellow golfing champ Tiger Woods.

A friend told the publication: “Perhaps, the cold realisation of exactly how much the divorce could cost him hit hard. McIlroy has amassed a fortune of more than £200m and his projected earnings in his career are predicted to be more than double that figure.

“Surely he didn’t want to see all that money he’s accrued diminish. It would have felt like a huge waste if millions ended up in the pockets of lawyers.”

It’s believed he wants to avoid losing a huge chunk of his sizeable fortune.

Lawyers fees aside, despite signing a prenup before their wedding day, this now-scrapped divorce could have been an eye-watering loss for McIlroy. Although prenups are not enforceable in Ireland, where they said ‘I do’ in 2017, it’s believed those particular logistics were organised in Florida, where they now reside.

Confirming their marriage was back on in a statement given to The Guardian, Rory said: “There have been rumours about my personal life recently, which is unfortunate. Responding to each rumour is a fool’s game. Over the past weeks, Erica and I have realised that our best future was as a family together. Thankfully, we have resolved our differences and look forward to a new beginning.”

This comes as Rory was spotted training for the US Open without his wedding ring on, sparking more questions among fans as to the current state of the sport star’s marriage.


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