Rory McIlroy issues immediate apology after

By | June 25, 2024

Rory McIlroy issues immediate apology after

Rory McIlroy issues immediate apology after throwing club at Memorial
It was a difficult day for Rory McIlroy at the Memorial Tournament, but things could have been even more awkward for the Northern Irish golf star

Rory McIlroy tossing his golf club away in frustration
Rory McIlroy tossed his golf club away in frustration

Rory McIlroy issued an immediate apology after his golf club nearly hit a camera operator.

The 35-year-old had a tough day at Muirfield Village Golf Club, ending the weekend tied for 15th in the final round of the Memorial Tournament.

Despite his efforts, McIlroy struggled to hit top form during the event and seems no closer to clinching his first major title since 2014. His challenging day was encapsulated at the fifth hole on Sunday, where his overly powerful drive ended up in the water.

Clearly frustrated, McIlroy expressed his annoyance by casually tossing his club behind him with one hand. However, he hadn’t noticed a camera operator was right behind him.

Realising his club had landed dangerously close to the operator, McIlroy swiftly turned around and offered an apology, saying: “Oops, sorry”. This quick apology highlighted McIlroy’s sportsmanship, contrasting with some players who might have simply retrieved their club and walked off without acknowledging the mishap, reports the Express.

Over recent years, McIlroy has emerged as a compelling figure in golf, notably taking a prominent position in the dispute between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, staunchly defending PGA players before the two organizations merged in June 2023.

One year later, McIlroy, alongside his PGA associates, met with Middle Eastern tycoons and LIV bankrollers, the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund to discuss golf’s future prospects under their investment.

Sharing his thoughts on the meeting, he said: “Very productive, very constructive, very collaborative. I think those are probably three words I would use to describe it.

“Yeah, it was really good. Definitely things are heading in the right direction. A lot of progress was made. I can’t really say much more than that, but it was really positive. Definitely encouraged.”

Expanding on the nature of the talks, McIlroy explained: “You have to understand, they’re a sovereign wealth fund. They invest in companies and different things and they want a return on their investment. That’s what they want.

the Memorial Tournament presented by Workday – Final Round
Rory McIlroy endured a frustrating afternoon at Muirfield Village Golf Club

“It doesn’t seem like they’re getting that at the minute within golf. Hopefully, if things progress and we get to a certain point, then hopefully they see a future where that can happen, they can start to get some returns on their money.”

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