Rory McIlroy issues immediate apology after displaying gross disrespect

By | June 19, 2024

Rory McIlroy issues immediate apology after showing blatant disrespect

Rory McIlroy issues immediate apology after throwing club at Memorial
It was a tough day for Rory McIlroy at the Memorial Tournament, but things could have been even trickier for the Northern Irish golf star.

Rory McIlroy throws his golf club in frustration
Rory McIlroy threw his golf club in frustration

Rory McIlroy has issued an immediate apology after his golf club nearly hit a cameraman.
The 35-year-old had a tough day at Muirfield Village Golf Club, finishing the weekend tied for 15th in the final round of the memorial tournament. Despite his efforts, McIlroy struggled to reach his peak throughout the tournament and looked far from winning his first major title since 2014. His difficult day ended when a dominating drive went wrong on the fifth hole on Sunday. Clearly frustrated, McIlroy casually threw his club over his back with one hand to show his frustration, but he didn’t realize there was a cameraman standing right behind him. After realising his putter had landed dangerously close to the photographer, McIlroy quickly turned around and apologised, saying, “Um, sorry about that.” The quick apology highlighted McIlroy’s sportsmanship and contrasted it with some players who may have just grabbed their clubs and walked away without acknowledging what had happened, the Express reported. In recent years, McIlroy has become a key figure in golf, notably taking a leading role in the dispute between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, fiercely defending the PGA Tour ahead of the two organizations’ merger in June 2023.
A year later, McIlroy, along with fellow PGA members, met with Middle Eastern tycoons and financiers from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund LIV to discuss the future prospects of golf as part of their investment. He shared his thoughts about the meeting, saying, “Very productive, very constructive, very supportive. I think those are probably the three words I would use to describe her.» “Yeah, it was really good. Things are definitely going in the right direction. We’ve seen a lot of progress, I can’t say much more about it, but it’s been really positive. It was definitely encouraging.”

McIlroy elaborated on the negotiations, explaining: “You have to understand that this is a sovereign wealth fund. They invest in businesses and things and they want to make a profit on that investment. This is what they want.
Workday Memorial Tournament – Final Round
Rory McIlroy had a disappointing day at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

“They don’t seem to understand that in golf at the moment. Hopefully, if things continue to move forward and we get to a certain point, they can see a future where this can happen and they can start to recoup some of their money.

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