Rory McIlroy confirms PGA Tour news: As new evidence proves he has been involved with some…..

By | June 8, 2024

Rory McIlroy confirms PGA Tour news: As new evidence proves he has been involved with some…..



Rory McIlroy confirms PGA Tour news:

As new evidence proves he has been involved with some….. “It’s big boy stuff.”


Rory McIlroy has confirmed that he and Tiger Woods will meet with representatives of sponsors LIV Golf as the PGA Tour seeks to strike a deal with PIF.


Rory McIlroy has confirmed that the PGA Tour will meet with sponsors LIV Golf today (Friday) in New York. McIlroy told reporters after the first round of the Memorial Tournament, where he shot a 7-under 70 at Muirfield Village, that he planned to make the trip to the Big Apple in person.


But he will join the meeting by video. In attendance will be Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan, PGA Tour Enterprises Chairman Joe Gorder and Player Relations Coordinator Joe Ogilvy.


On the other side of the table will be LIV Chairman Yasser Al-Rumayyan and representatives of Saudi Arabia’s PIF. McIlroy said the breakaway league would continue to operate regardless of the meeting and even if PIF agreed to invest in PGA Tour Enterprises.


Rory McIlroy

“I certainly don’t see the rate of growth of LIV slowing down over the next few years,” he said. “They are buying office space in New York. They have over 200 employees. “I haven’t seen anybody here… and I haven’t heard anybody say they don’t want to play there, you know? Some of them are under contract until 2028, 2029. “In a few years’ time, LIV will continue to forge its own path, but I hope there will be more cooperation and understanding between the tours. “Maybe there will be some cross-pollination so players can start playing both. I imagine all of this will be discussed in the coming weeks.


McIlroy’s relationship with the aforementioned Woods has reportedly been strained over the iconic golfer voting against returning to the Northern Irishman’s political council, having resigned from an influential position in apparent frustration. The four-time major champion dismissed rumors of a “feud” between the pair. Instead, McIlroy returned to the room as part of a “transactions subcommittee.” McIlroy will not have a vote on any potential deal and insisted it will not be Tiger who speaks at Friday’s meeting. Rory McIlroy


“It’s going to be Jay, Joe Gorder, Joe Ogilvie, John Henry,” McIlroy said.


“It’s going to be the businessmen. We’re here to maybe give some perspective from the player’s point of view.


“These are negotiations for an investment in PGA Tour Enterprises, these are big things. And I will definitely listen more than I talk.

“I think depending on what the DOJ (US Department of Justice) allows, it may have to be a very passive investment. “I don’t know what’s going on in their heads, I don’t know if they’re ready for it. “We will discover it.”

Tiger Woods


Mcilroy’s comment was on the anniversary of the framework agreement on June 6, 2023.


It is a modest expression to say that the position of LIV has become softer. “They have a contract for 14 tournaments, but they can do whatever they want the other 38 weeks of the year,” he added.


“The only thing is, there are so many golf tours and tournaments now. “There are only a few weeks in a year, and that’s the hardest part. “We’re trying to understand what tournaments are being held, where, when, how many players are playing and what type of players are playing.”


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