REVELATION ABOUT THE LIV Golf star Brooks Koepka’s wife had terrifying fear after botox procedure

By | July 2, 2024

LIV Golf star Brooks Koepka’s wife reveals she had a terrible scare after Botox treatment

Jenna Sims, wife of LIV golf star Brooks Koepka, has revealed her recent visit to a plastic surgeon’s office for Botox injections and her fears about the treatment.

Jenna Sims shares fear after Botox injection

Jenna Sims, wife of golf superstar Brooks Koepka, has expressed panic after a recent visit to a plastic surgeon for Botox injections.
Jena, 35, is married to LIV golf star and five-time major winner. She shared her experience on social media, acknowledging her anxiety about the treatment and her fear of a worse outcome.

“I’m not doing this for you guys. I do this for me. Personally I love injections. But it makes sense,” she told her online Instagram audience of 305,000.
She asked: “My first thought was, is my esophagus going to close up? Can you breathe? Can you eat? There’s nothing to do, as if it’s “yes” … that’s the same. “”

According to her explanation, Sims faced a question about whether to consider plastic surgery after receiving Botox injection.
“Yes, I’m very happy to meet the doctor,” she offered accordingly. “I am not going under the knife. I am not getting any surgery done. But this is just a plastic surgeon office. not me. “I don’t. I’m not interested in any operation. I just wanted to have a little squirt here and there, and that’s what I did.

Sims made a trip with a coil in 2017, meeting in the masters two years earlier. They publicly confirmed their participation in 2021 and consolidated their link under domestic conditions during a luxurious ceremony in the Turks and Caïcos next year. Koepka and Sims have become one of golf’s power couples.

Sims has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces in the game, often sharing memories with her husband and their newborn son, Crew, on social media. In an interview with Golf Digest, the former Miss Teen USA actress and model said she enjoys being able to support her husband on the golf course.

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