PGA Tour Makes Groundbreaking Announcement About Tiger Woods

By | June 19, 2024

PGA Tour Makes Groundbreaking Announcement About Tiger Woods

When it comes to the world of golf, there never has been nor never will be a player as influential as Eldrick Tiger Woods. While you can argue that someone like Jack Nicklaus was more successful, nobody brought as many eyeballs to the sport as Woods did.

The PGA Tour is doing everything it can to make sure that continues into the future as well.

On Tuesday afternoon, a groundbreaking announcement was made regarding Woods and the Tour. In essence, it was declared that Woods was being exempt into every signature event from here until the end of his career, making it the first “lifetime exemption” in the sport.

It may be a big move, but can you hardly blame the Tour?

In reality, the announcement was more of a formality than anything. Woods holds exemptions into every major championship, and if there were ever a tournament that he technically wasn’t qualified for, a sponsor’s exemption would be handed out in a flash due to the number of eyeballs that he would draw to the event.

Now is when we can talk about how long this “lifetime exemption” will really matter. Though Woods has decades to live, his playing career will likely only last another couple of years, in reality. His body is so broken down at this point that each tournament is a struggle for him to get physically prepared to play four rounds of golf.

In the end, it’s a classy gesture from the Tour to support and honor the greatest player of all time.

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