PGA chief Jay Monahan explains obvious reason for special Tiger Woods rule.

By | June 20, 2024

PGA’s Chief Jay Monahan explains the clear reason for the special rules of Tiger Woods.

The PGA tour has approved a special outing so that 15 major champion Tiger Woods can play at all brand events over 2025.

Tiger Woods has the right to play each of the eight PGA Tour Signature Events since 2025.

Tiger Woods has the right to play each of the eight PGA Tour Signature Events since 2025.

Jay Monakan, a PGA tour commissioner, says that Tiger Woods has received his life through all brand events in order to make the 15th big champions “better” and “better”. Ta. Woods’ release, which takes effect in 2025, means the golf star will be eligible to play in eight major events. In fact, the PGA Tour has sanctioned a new “years of service exemption category” created specifically to ensure the 48-year-old can make it into the field, despite a more restricted schedule at this point in his career. These prestigious tournaments, each with huge prize pools and small field sizes, were hot topics recently during the initial announcement of the new PGA Tour schedule, and one of the many controversies was regarding which players would be able to compete in the main tournaments. Tournament sponsors receive four exceptions that can be distributed to specific members of the PGA tour, but these passages are often sent to the player’s repeated list. But Monacan wanted Woods. Woods confirmed that his last appearance in 2024 was Royal next month, but played an important tournament given the importance of games and popularity. “Look, I think this was important to our members, I’ve talked about it with the PAC, it was important to the player directors, it was important to the board, it was important to me, because as the exemption says, this guy has won over 80 events and I think we can give him the opportunity to compete in these events,” Monahan explained. “It brought more attention, so I think we as an organization wanted to honor his greatness in this way.”

The addition of Woods’ special exemption is one of several changes to the PGA Tour schedule after this week’s Travelers Championship, the final marquee event of the season. However, there is almost no dispute on the decision to guarantee that the forest will be involved as much as possible.


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