MANDEL: He killed his parents with golf club but blames mental illness

By | June 7, 2024

MANDEL: He killed his parents with golf club but blames mental illness

Is he faking or was the son hearing voices that made him slaughter his parents just days after they’d bailed him out of jail again

Lynette Sequeira, 65, and her husband Francis, 68, were found dead in the Scarborough home on Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021. The couple’s son, Kyle Sequeira, 26, was subsequently charged with two counts of second-degree murder. GOFUND

When Toronto Police kicked down his locked bedroom door, they asked Kyle Sequeira where his parents were

“I don’t have any parents,” the 26-year-old replied.

That’s because Sequeira had just brutally killed them both earlier that Labour Day weekend of 2021 – using a Calloway golf club to smash in the head of his mother Lynette Sequeira, 65, and to beat and mutilate his father Francis “Frank” Sequeira, 68, in the master bedroom of their Scarborough home.

And then, after trying to clean the ghastly blood-spattered scene, he covered their bodies and went down to the basement where he listened to music, smoked weed and unsuccessfully begged a “friend with benefits” to pick him up.

“My sureties are dead,” he told her.

His parents had bailed him out twice – first in 2019 after Sequeira was charged with attempted murder for stabbing his friend 13 times in a drunken rage; and then, just days before they were slaughtered, they’d put up $15,000 each to get him released from jail again after he allegedly attacked two police officers.

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