LIV Golf League dealt hammer blow (!) as its streaming platform shuts πŸ‘Ž

By | June 26, 2024

LIV Golf League hits the hammer after streaming platform closure (!) πŸ‘Ž

LIV Golf experienced a significant disruption to its free streaming service following the sudden closure of Caffeine TV. The platform, which describes itself as the “home of live sports and community,” was one of the primary providers of coverage for the first half of LIV Golf. Created in 2018, Caffeine TV teamed up with Liv Golf at the start …

Liv Golf experienced a significant disruption in its free streaming services after the sudden closure of caffeine on television. The platform, which qualified as “the live sports and community”, was one of the main suppliers of the coverage of the first round of Liv Golf. Founded in 2018, Caffeine TV entered into a partnership with LIV Golf in early 2024, promising to reach a fresher, younger audience compared to traditional broadcasters. In February 2024, LIV Golf praised Caffeine TV’s extensive league coverage and original content. However, the partnership came to an abrupt end less than six months later.
Caffeine TV, which also aired basketball, martial arts and soccer, announced its immediate closure on Wednesday (June 26), citing a lack of profitability as the main reason. The closure comes as the platform amassed 61 million monthly users and 4 million daily users.
In an official statement posted on its website, Caffeine TV confirmed that it would cease operations for the time being, though it hinted at a possible return in the future. Friday’s coverage of LIV Golf will continue on The CW App and LIV Golf Plus, which do not require a subscription, plus Saturday and Sunday’s events will continue to air in the US on The CW, The CW App and LIV Golf Plus. The closure of Caffeine TV has a particularly significant impact as it comes just two weeks before the next LIV Golf event in Andalusia, Spain, however LIV Golf will remain accessible worldwide via the LIV Golf Plus app, the LIV Golf YouTube channel and more than 20 international broadcast partners.

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