Golf legend Jack Nicklaus in tears (!) as he makes special announcement.

By | July 2, 2024

The legend of the Jack Nichraus Golf Course (!).
In June 2024, the legend of JACK NICLAUS GOLF, which was broadcast on CBS commemorative tournament in the village of Murfield, shed tears. Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus broke down in tears when he revealed that his late wife Barbara would be the 2025 Memorial Tournament honoree.

Alongside analyst Jim Nantz, Nicklaus made the announcement during Sunday’s CBS final round broadcast. “Jim, I can’t take him away,” Nikraus said.

There is Barbara Nick Crauss. It’s hard for me to leave. I apologize, but Barbara played such an important role in this competition. “Everybody looks up to Jack Nicklaus, but Barbara Nicklaus has been there through it all,” said Nicklaus. “And the captains thought that since today is the 50th anniversary of the ceremony, Barbara should receive the award.” “After broken last night and cried, I cry again.”

“We understand,” said the nence. This is definitely an ideal solution. At the 25th edition, you were the guest of honor.

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