ESPN REPORT: ‘am making her my second wife’, Rory McIlroy romance relationship with presenter Amanda Balionis exposed, details below πŸ‘‡

By | July 5, 2024

ESPN Report: \ ‘I make her a second wife \’, a romantic relationship RORI Makilra and a speaker Amanda Balionis, the following details



Break: Rory Makira’s main romantic “Link of Conversation” with the main Amanda Buriinis


Who is Amanda Barrionis? Romantic rumors of speakers and Lori Makirei -“Talk about links”


The four winners of Golf’s Rolly Makira major have potential novels on the map. The 35 -year -old was associated with CBS sports reporter Amanda Balionis after the decision to divorce recently.




Immediately after his intention to divorce his wife, Rolly Makira, Rory Makira led to CBS sports reporter Amanda Baliinis and romantic. The Northern Irishman and Stoll began dating in 2014 and married in 2017. The couple have one child together, Poppy Kennedy McIlroy, 3. But after seven years of marriage, McIlroy and Stoll’s plans for divorce were made public just four years into their marriage. The overall winner won the Wells Fargo Championship. The 35-year-old finished t12th at last week’s PGA Championship. Now, according to the Daily Mail, a potential romance between McIlroy and golf journalist Balionis has become “the subject of speculation.”


Their chemistry was on full display when McIlroy and Balionis, wearing matching tops, sat down for an interview. Balionis seemed comfortable with McIlroy, laughing and flirting. “What equipment did you need to find to reassert your dominance over Quail Hollow?” the 34-year-old blonde probing while fans tried to connect the dots. The source said McIlroy’s marriage to Stoll left his ex-wife feeling “lonely.” “The main issue in Lowry and Erica’s marriage was that Erica was single in her marriage,” the source told Us Weekly. “Rory was a difficult person to marry.


“She knew what her job was, but things changed a lot once Poppy was born and she had a new perspective. Erica was usually absent in most of his tournaments and really focused on Poppi. ”


Makira played in two major in 2024 and was not approaching to break the 10 -year -old duck. There are many reasons for long expectations, and his former captain, Paul Mugginley, believes he has two potential reasons. McGinley believes the current golf course is much stronger than when McIlroy burst onto the scene, and that there are mental issues too.


“I say ‘for now’ because if he ever gets it, I feel like – or maybe not – that Rory McIlroy probably has three or four majors left. It’s all about getting the first one. You’d think a golf course like this, where he’s won before, would fire him up,” McGinley added.


With two remaining majors this year, McIlroy is feeling confident in his game going forward. β€œI’m feeling good about that [his game],” McIlroy added. “I went to a big golf here. I think it was the sixth event in 7 weeks. They will have a week off and then play four more games in a row.


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