Charlie Woods Looks Totally Unimpressed By His Father Amid Arrangement For U.S. Open At Pinehurst

By | June 11, 2024

Charlie Woods Looks Totally Unimpressed By His Father Amid Arrangement For U.S. Open At Pinehurst

Charlie Woods failed to qualify for the U.S. Open but that did not halt him from making the trip to North Carolina nearby his father. The 15-year-old child of Tiger Woods never looks awed by the most noteworthy golfer of all-time.

He never settles for anything less than a immaculate excursion, much like Tiger’s father Earl and previous coach Butch Harmon.

Charlie, who fizzled in his offered to reach the 2024 U.S. Open with a nine-over-par at a qualifying occasion back in April, is one of the sport’s greatest wonders. Clearly. There are numerous a long time of golf ahead of him and there’s bounty of time to qualify for similar occasions within the future.

Meanwhile , Charlie is holding Tiger responsible. They have an indistinguishable bond and know everything around each other’s diversions. Their swings are essentially indistinguishable. Their timing is the same. Everything around the father-son team works as one.

As such, Charlie and Tiger request flawlessness from one another. Earl coached Tiger that way. Tiger coached Charlie that way. Presently Charlie is coaching Tiger that way.

The advancement of the Woods family may be a truly cool period in sports history, but I digress.


A couple of diverse clips have surfaced from the U.S. Open. In none of them does Charlie see awed by what his father is doing. He is always advertising useful feedback.

It’s surprising how closely their quirks adjust.

As Tiger Woods proceeds to work his way back from a disastrous car mischance, he has battled to discover his form. The final few a long time have been a challenge. Fair wrapping up 72 gaps isn’t simple.

To have Charlie Woods serving as his Earl/Butch-like inspiration, from an outsider’s point of view, is exactly what he needs. The truth that it fair so happens to be his 15-year-old child makes it fair that much cooler!



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