Bryson DeChambeau had no idea it was Greg Norman who stormed green at LIV Golf in Nashville

By | June 25, 2024

Bryson DeChambeau had no idea it was Greg Norman who stormed green at LIV Golf in Nashville

Greg Norman made a surprise appearance on the golf course during LIV Golf in Nashville, as the former champion tended to the flag on the 15th hole as Bryson DeChambeau prepared to tee off

Bryson DeChambeau was confused by Greg Norman’s actions on the 15th in Nashville

Greg Norman left golf fans scratching their heads with his unexpected appearance on the green during the LIV Golf event in Nashville. The CEO of LIV Golf was seen tending the flag, a task usually performed by an opponent or caddie to help identify the hole’s location, while Bryson DeChambeau was preparing to tee off on the 15th hole.

DeChambeau, who was clearly taken aback by the interruption, asked Norman to move. The US Open winner even raised his arm in confusion at what the former golf champion was doing on the green before Norman finally departed.

Later, DeChambeau revealed he hadn’t realised it was Norman on the green, mistaking him for a random fan. He said: “I had no idea it was him. I would have let him stay there… I thought it was like a volunteer or something. If I knew it was him, I would have been cool with that!”

While those present at the event seemed to enjoy Norman’s surprise appearance, reactions on social media were mixed. One user tweeted: “What is this, why is he doing that? So strange,” while another compared the incident to wrestling legend Ric Flair interrupting a match, saying: “This reminds me of Ric Flair walking into the ring while a match was going on. This is not golf,” reports the Mirror US.

While it’s not the norm for someone, especially the tournament’s CEO, to get involved as a golfer lines up their shot – it’s become a bit of a tradition at the Nashville event. The 15th hole was turned into a ‘party hole’, with the organisers looking to bring a ‘classic stadium atmosphere and provide the electric soundtrack’ to the Tennessee tourney.

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