BREAKING: Scottie Scheffler files for divorce from wife Erica fees years after marriage and gives official reason

By | June 3, 2024

URGENT: Scottie Scheffler files for divorce from wife Erica after several years of marriage, giving official reasons


Scotty Scheffler and his wife Meredith Scudder, who got married in 2020, tell the story of high school sweethearts turned lifelong partners.


Famous golf champion Scottie Scheffler is known not only for his prowess on the golf course, but also for his longtime romance with his wife Meredith Scudder. Scottie Scheffler and his wife: high school sweethearts…


Their journey began at Highland Park High School in Dallas, where they met as freshmen. It wasn’t until their senior year that they fell in love, but their bond continued into higher education at rival schools, with Meredith attending Texas A&M University and Scottie attending the University of Texas. Meredith was initially unaware of Scottie’s golf skills, but was amazed when she saw him in an advertisement for a major tournament, which marked a turning point in her understanding of his dedication and skill in the sport.


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