BREAKING: Phil Mickelson disqualified for life from participating in US open for breaking the rules…

By | July 3, 2024

BREAKING: Phil Mickelson banned for life from U.S. Open for breaking rules…

Phil Mickelson’s brazen move puts him at risk of disqualification from the U.S. Open Phil Mickelson stunned opponents and fans with his controversial decision to play a moving ball at the 2018 U.S. Open, but the reaction only added fuel to the fire.

Throughout his illustrious career, Phil Mickelson has never made a name for himself at the U.S. Open. Instead, the national tournament has become synonymous with failure and bizarre incidents. Mickelson has been runner-up at the U.S. Open six times and his chances of completing a career Grand Slam are fading. The 53-year-old Mickelson hasn’t won a tournament in three years. Unfortunately for Lefty, his main memory of the U.S. Open is his heartbreaking and controversial decision at Shinek Hills in 2018. Mickelson was well out of contention for the championship when he reached the par-4 13th hole on the back nine of the third round at 10 over par for the week, playing sloppy again, bogeying a slippery 18-foot putt and misjudging his pace so the ball sailed past the cup and into the runoff area. But remarkably, the six-time major champion ran towards his ball and hit it again before it stopped moving, hitting it behind the hole to stay on the putting surface. Mickelson didn’t cheat, but he did bend the rules to his advantage. If Mickelson’s ball had been outside the bounds, he would have been left with a dangerous chip, and he made the prudent decision to accept the two-stroke penalty for hitting a ball in motion to avoid the risk of it bouncing off the lightning-fast green. For all the latest news, go to politicians, sports, and shows in the United States.
Eventually, this decision did not overcome Mikelson a lot. He left in 10 and ended that day on the 81 map. And he met a broad criticism of his actions. “It was supposed to land in the same spot behind the bunker,” he explained. “I didn’t want to shoot. I don’t know if I could have stopped the kick, but I know it was a two-strike free kick on a moving ball, and I was trying to get as close to the hole as I could to get my next shot, and you make two shots and move on. Jon Rahm, LIV Golf star sweats for U.S. Open status after foot injury
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“I don’t want to disrespect anybody. I know it’s a two-stroke penalty. At that point, I didn’t want to just go back and forth and throw the same punches, I decided to take the double penalty and move on. This is my understanding of the rules. I’ve wanted to do this a few times, and finally I did.

The United States Golf Association (USGA), which hosts the U.S. Open, could have disqualified Mickelson under Rule 33-7. Former USGA Director David Faye told Golf Digest that Mikelson, far from the tournament, was far from Mikelson with only two stroke penalties, equivalent to 48th place.
Mikelson is one of the 10 golf golf players on the Pine Hurst N ° 2 field this week, one of the last opportunities to add a trophy of the US Open Championship to the collection.

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