“BOMBSHELL! CBS just axed top golf reporter Amanda Balionis after a scathing message from Rory McIlroy exposed the truth! The CBS cut ties with Balionis in a shocking move, leaving the golf world reeling. Click the link to get the full story behind this stunning fall from grace!” Details 👇

By | July 9, 2024

“Bomb! CBS has just called Top Golf Reporter Amanda Balionis after the angry message from Rory Macillara revealed the truth! CBS reduced the links with Balionis in a shocking stage, leaving the golf world. Click on the link to get The complete story of this incredible fall of Grace! ”Details 👇

Over the past two decades, Amanda Balionis regularly climbs in the ranks of the broadcast lines, but it seems that the journalist has found a permanent house in CBS. After graduating from Hofstra University in 2008, Balionis began his career, reporting a secondary school for Verizon Fios 1 and MSG. Then, in 2011, she took her talents in the PGA Tour, acting as her own journalist and her personality, creating digital content for the organization’s website. Balionis joined Callaway Golf as a digital reporter in 2016 before moving to CBS a year later, where he was the golf reporter and provided on-site coverage for several tournaments that season. In 2018, the channel added Balionis to the team on a permanent basis. In her current position, she is estimated to earn an annual salary of between US$40,000 and US$140,000 and is estimated to be worth around US$1 million. However, Balionis’ salary is probably closer to the higher end of that scale, given that the broadcaster has proven to be an extremely valuable asset when it comes to covering golf, the NFL and college football . His long-standing tenure at CBS further adds to his value. Over her past six years with the channel, Balionis has developed close relationships with many of her colleagues, and after Xander Schauffele’s thrilling victory over Scottie Scheffler and Rory McIlroy at last month’s PGA Championship, the 39-year-old praised the great job the CBS team doing covering the tournament did.

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