Anthony Kim goes nuclear (!) on LIV Golf critic: “How the f— would you know?”

By | June 10, 2024

Anthony Kim goes nuclear (!) on LIV Golf critic: “How the f— would you know?”

Anthony Kim has renewed his hostilities towards Golf Channel analyst and prominent LIV Golf League critic Brandel Chamblee.

Anthony Kim’s feud with LIV Golf critic and Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee shows no signs of slowing down. 

Kim put Chamblee in his crosshairs earlier in the month, describing the one-time PGA Tour winner as a ‘talentless fool’ and ‘a p—y’.

The golfer was upset with Chamblee’s relentless criticism of the Saudi-funded breakaway and his apparent hypocrisy.

A number of LIV players have expressed fury with Chamblee for trying to justify some of PGA Tour’s signature events not having a cut having spent the better part of two years slating the lack of one on the breakaway tour.

Chamblee has also implored the North American circuit to strike a deal with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund after constantly criticising the source of the money that bankrolls LIV.

Anthony Kim

Kim opened up on his exchanges with Chamblee on the most recent episode of the Country Club Adjacent podcast.

“Guys like that are what’s wrong with golf,” Kim said.

“Brandel talks about stuff he knows nothing about.”

Kim brought up a Golf Channel segment where he described what it was like being inside the Ryder Cup locker room whilst sitting next to David Duval.

He blasted: “How the f— would you know?

“Here’s David Duval, who was No. 1 in the world and played on multiple Ryder Cup teams, has all these sorts of records, won a million times — you’re over-talking him about what it’s like and what they’re feeling?

“If we were talking about, like, what it’s like to drive to a Korn Ferry event and miss the cut, we would call you, Brandel. But we don’t do that.”

It didn’t take too long for Chamblee to respond.

He pointed out that he played on the PGA Tour a decade more than Kim and had more top-10s than he did during his career.

“And while I understand his failures and sympathize with them,” Chamblee wrote on X.

“His absurd computations seem oblivious to the fact that he was willing to trade his talent for the convenience of insurance payments and then willing to betray those payments for the convenience of a dictatorial murderer who would pay him to help hide his atrocities.

“I wish Anthony well, but let’s not pretend he knows north from south or disability payments from obfuscation payments or, for that matter, that he has ever heard of Jamal Khashoggi.”

Less his banal drivel gets distorted into relevancy and just for context, I played the tour for about a decade longer than @AnthonyKim_Golf and had more top tens than he did in his career. And while I understand his failures and sympathize with them, his

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