1,000 contacts with a clubโ€™: Tiger Woods breaks down his typical tournament prep to college kids in fascinating… details ๐Ÿ‘‡

By | July 1, 2024

1,000 Club Contacts”: Tiger Woods describes a typical tournament preparation in fascinating detail for college students ๐Ÿ‘‡

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. No one preaches this so loudly and actually lives it quite like Tiger Woods, whose grind sessions were legendary in his heyday.
But with all the wear and tear on his body, the current version of Big Cat just can’t pluck him off the face of the earth like he once did. However, he still makes time for “1,000 contacts with the club” in preparation for tournament play, as he explained to a group of college students during a recent Bridgestone shoot.

โ€œOne of the things that I enforce on all the juniors, all the kids, all the pros is that in preparation for tournaments, I make 1,000 contacts with the club every day,โ€ Woods said. As he continued, this does not just mean slandering bullets within an reach of the hours. This was certainly useful, and the old version of Woods probably had a session in the range of a thousand balls. But โ€œcontactsโ€ with a club come in many different forms.

โ€œThat means possibly hitting 100 balls on the range,โ€ he says. โ€œ300 tokens. 600 shots. Fine. Break it down however you like. It fosters emotions and feelings that never go away.

That explains why Woods’ touch, especially on the greens, has always been there after he returned from years sidelined by health issues. He may no longer have the strength or speed he once had, but the feeling never goes away. Well, it’s something we don’t talk about enough, except, obviously, before he got it back in 2015.

The full-length Bridgestone video shows the 15-time major champion wowing a few students from Bridgestone’s college development program in the stands, offering free swing advice that most people would pay astronomical amounts for. It also adds some classic Tiger terminology like “peeler” and “upshoot spin cut.”

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